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I am a young African American woman living with Alopecia Areata. Beginning at the age of eight, I was constantly bullied.  Living with Alopecia was manageable until I became engaged in school activities such as cheerleading, soccer and track and field.   I was always wondering if anyone could see the thinning and bald spots in my hair.

In my high school years, after school, clenching my mother’s hand, I received forty- five steroid injections month after month for over a year hoping this would make my hair grow back, which it did not help.  My mother never gave up on me and for that I am forever thankful.

I began wearing hair weaves until the cover was not enough.  My mother took me to Young Hair where I met Patty Gentry Young and she introduced me to a concept called hair replacement.  She assured me that I am more than just my hair which has given me confidence to be me.  Patty’s knowledge and talent with hair replacement gave me hope and I felt beautiful again.

I am Lacey Bell, a 21 year old dentist assistant who is loving the compliments I get.  I am an advocate for young girls and women who have gone through turmoil in their life with hair loss.  I want to let them know that there is a fantastic solution that can help them enhance their beauty and feel good about themselves.