CEO, Founder & Hair Systems Creator

Okyo Sthair, a powerhouse with over 30 years in the Hair replacement industry is making headlines once again by officially announcing her comeback.

As stated by Okyo, “I foresee an improvement in the hair replacement industry as a result of my transition back into the fi eld. It requires an exhausting dedication of energy and resources to continue to be an innovative leader in the industry, and it is my goal to bring new products into research and develpoment to help create the most natural looking hairpeices.”

Having spent vital time in research and development of new products, Okyo has decided to unveil new designs and technologies to the hair replacement industry. Inventor of numerous hairpieces; such as the lace front hairpiece used in today’s movie industry and patent holder of several other lines, Mrs. Sthair is a true asset to the hair replacement fi eld.

She prides herself as an expert in Hair Replacement. “When I first set out to change the hair replacement industry 30 years ago, I found there was a great need to innovate and design new products that offer our hair specialists viable solutions that they can make available to their clients. Growing up as little girl in Korea; Okyo was in the Hair Replacement industry since childhood, starting in the factory, later perfecting the proper translation techniques that other factories have not been able to do, and moving on to development. “I have had much experience in all aspects of the industry from construction, development and mass production of hair replacement solutions. My goal is to mainstream the market with new products and make our industry further socially acceptable”